Alvaro Alvarez

b 1965 (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Books, magazines and calendars provide raw inspiration for this careful copyist who endlessly draws and re-draws his inner artistic goals.

Arts Project Australia

The original Arts Project Australia project was founded by Myra Hilgendorf, a painter and parent of a child with a disability, to collect art for two exhibitions: Minus/Plus in 1975 and Tommy’s World in 1980. The studio was formed in 1984 to provide alternative means of expression where other more common forms, such as speech, were not possible.

Arts Project Australia promotes art as an alternative means of expression.  It provides high quality materials, a wide range of media and is non-directive. The studio is open to anyone with an intellectual disability who demonstrates an interest in making art. Work is promoted on aesthetic and artistic merits amongst the wider arts community.


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