Benjamin Binder

b 1989 (Hamburg, Germany)

Wooden protective covers for dictaphones and cassette players reflect the recording fixations that fuel this one-off artist's technological dreams.

Die Schlumper

The studio is part of the Alsterarbeit GmbH, a community at the Evangelical Foundation Alsterdorf. Any artist with a disability can apply to the studio for a three week internship, after which they are chosen to be full-time artists or once a week only.


The name Die Schlumper refers to the original cellars where we set up our first art studio. A group of mentally handicapped artists met painter Rolf Laute in Townhouse Schlump - an institution near the Schlump subway station. These artists had been unable to fit into typical handicapped workshops, so they had been classified as unsuitable. Rolf worked with them and they became our first artists, Die Schlumper.


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