Giovanni Rosselli

b 1951 (Parma, Italy)

Barber, butcher, shopkeeper, lifeguard and carpenter whose art treads a spiritual journey to the gods via eroticism, paganism and Christianity.
Giovanni Rosselli is 60 years old. He does not actually attends the workshop in Parma he has access to because he prefers to work on his own; he nonetheless brings his work to me about every week. He speaks of himself as a “medium”, claims to be connected with the gods, and, as other classical, claims not to be in control of his drawing hand. He calls his works “messages form the gods”, his body of work is characterized by very coloured face profiles within which different figures are represented. He made frequent abuse of alcohol and substance; this is the why he is in charge from the health care.

Atelier Asfodelo

The studio is located in the mountains between the Po Valley and the Ligurian Sea. It is managed by art world professionals who, whilst sensitive to therapeutic implications, do not consider therapy as a primary objective.


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