Lisa Blake

(Australia, Australia)

Lisa Blake has been painting with Access Arts for several years, attending the Brisbane Outsider Artists’ group. Whilst her main focus is painting, she also enjoys experimenting with ceramic work. Lisa says, ‘I love to paint mainly with bright acrylic colours in symmetrical designs, and aim for a finished piece of artwork that’s vibrant and uplifting to view’.

Lisa says, ‘Art plays a huge role in living with a mental illness. It provides enjoyment and pleasure, and can visibly lift my mood. It can also help me get through the really tough times – either as creative distraction, or as a means of putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper or canvas’.

Lisa says that art has made her a lot happier and given her a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It has also enabled her to work in a group and get a real feeling of belonging. There is a sentence in a book called ‘Ride the Wild Tiger” that Lisa likes that reads “Life is like a wild tiger. You can either lie down and let it lay its paw on your head, or sit on its back and ride it.” Art has definitely helped Lisa choose the latter, as it gives her a greater feeling of control over her life.

The Brisbane Outsider Artist’s Studio

The studio delivers arts services to disabled and disadvantaged individuals across Queensland,  providing them with studio space,  quality materials and opportunities to exhibit their work.  The studio also helps them develop their visual arts skills, from painting, drawing and printmaking to sculpture and photography.  A pilot project of Access Arts,  members’ work is sold at exhibitions and online, with studio members receiving 90% of the profit from the sale of their work.  Studio artists have also had work featured in a number of significant international exhibitions.


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