Sabine Münch

b 1962 (Munich, Germany)

Sabine Münch was born in 1963 in Munich. Owing to her mental handicap, she attended a special school, and afterwards worked in the assembly department of a sheltered workshop. Until the age of forty six, she spent a restricted, uneventful and isolated life in her mother’s house. Since her mother died in 2008, she has gradually achieved a growing inner freedom, which also leaves its traces in her art. Sabine Münch started continuous artistic work in 1994. From 2000 on, she became a member in the art studio of the Heilpädagogisches Centrum Augustinum. Since 2008, she has been a full time artist here. Sabine Münch holds the Lothar Späth art award 2008 and the promotional award of the Jenacon Foundation Weimar, 2008.
A prolific late bloomer whose patient engravings depict an inner cosmos of mammals and sea creatures, both recognisable and strangely alien.

atelier hpca - Heilpädagogisches Centrum Augustinum

Heilpaedagogisches Centrum Augustinum (HPCA) is an institution for mentally disadvantaged artists, comprising of a studio community, a gallery and an art collection.

The studio is a supervised communal space where adults are encouraged to work as freelance, independent, commercial artists. It offers drawing, painting and graphic arts, as well as sculpture, supported by professional art assistants.


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