Uschi Pomp

b 1958 (Germany)

Uschi Pomp was born in 1959 in Cologne and lives in Munich. She has worked at the atelier hpca studio of the Heilpädagogischen Centrum Augustinum München in Oberschleissheim since 1992. Here she has created an extensive artistic works comprising several thousand works in oil crayons on paper. The artist received several individual awards from as early as 1997, and in 2002 she was distinguished with the euward European art prize. An extensive block of Pomp’s works can now be found in Arnulf Rainer’ prestigious art collection in Vienna and various private collections in Germany.
The artist Pomp is probably one of the most interesting manifestations of the modern Outsider Art and an established personage in the studio where she is cared for. Despite being severely mentally handicapped since her birth, with her consequent reduced radius of action, she has created an opus of impressive constancy and breadth within just a few years. Outwardly, the artist appears extremely shy and inaccessible. She can neither read nor write, nor does she show any inclination for verbal communication. Seen as unmotivated and even passive by those around her, Pomp appears to develop the full depth of her personality in her art.
Uschi Pomp’s painting – or should we say drawing? – is determined by the gesture. In innumerable overlayerings, she draws long strokes vertically across the sheet and back again. The individual colour layers modulate, mix, blend into a dense colour effect. But what still remains visible in this mode of working is the trace of the physical movement.
Pomp usually works with both hands at the same time, clutching a crayon in each, which quickly dwindles under the force and spreads as a pasty layer over the ground. The initial tangle of individual strokes quickly becomes definable zones, which enter into a tension with one another in the right-hand corner of the picture. Occasionally they merge together completely and are overdrawn by figurative elements.

atelier hpca - Heilpädagogisches Centrum Augustinum

Heilpaedagogisches Centrum Augustinum (HPCA) is an institution for mentally disadvantaged artists, comprising of a studio community, a gallery and an art collection.

The studio is a supervised communal space where adults are encouraged to work as freelance, independent, commercial artists. It offers drawing, painting and graphic arts, as well as sculpture, supported by professional art assistants.


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